VitelyBio offers wide range of compendial and non-compendial testing services. Our microbiology laboratory is designed to facilitate in-house studies as well standalone testing services for our customers.

USP Microbial Limits Assay Development, Testing and Validation

Antimicrobial Efficacy Testing (AET)

Bacterial Endotoxin Test (BET)

AMES Mutagenic Tests, OECD 471

Kill Rate Studies


Raw materials/ excipients analysis as per BAM (Bacteriological Analytical Manual)

Environmental Monitoring

Disinfectant Efficacy Test

Antibiotic Assay

Microbial Identification

In Vitro Microbiology Tests

Services include

Antimicrobial Kill Rate study

Antifungal powder spray (Mycology assessments by microscopy (KOH wet mount) and by culture)

AMES test for genotoxicity assesment

Female Hygiene Product (Assessment of microbial species)

Consumer Research Products (Bar/Liquid Soap, Surface Care, Dental)